Our services

well trained team and staff

Our well trained team and staff make sure to give proper attention to each student.Our team is completely updated with all universities details,admission process,deadline and arrival of each student.

our value

We make sure to analyze the employment opportunity for students after completion of the course in students native countries

our commitment

We make sure to prepare students well for Interview in the Embassy. Our team member will pick you up from International airport and make sure of your safe arrival in the university.We also offer first day welcome meal ,registration at university, do help in medical checkup and in visa extension procedure. We make sure that students don’t feel even a slight problem from their country airport to the university registration and hostel room. We provide all E books,PDFS,study videos and study material to the students before arrival to the university campus Our services not only ends here,we continue to guide students till their graduation.

services offer by pieac

◼collaboration services to instituations. ▪course selection. ▪educational counseling. ▪pre departure and post arrival services. ▪students airport pickup and assistant. ▪visa assistence. ▪students accommodations ▪immigration assistance ▪scholarships assistance ▪full guidance throughout education journey ▪university registration